Solgar® Skin, Nails & Hair 40% off during '5 day sales shock'

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Solgar® Skin, Nails & Hair 40% off during '5 day sales shock'

In October 2018, Solgar launched the "5 day sales shock" with great incentives from now until 12/10/2018.
Accordingly, Solgar reduced to 40% for Solgar® Skin, Nails & Hair. Believers can own high-end Solgar items at a discounted price at:

Solgar® Skin, Nails & Hair price 780,000 VND reduced to 468,000 VND. Quick hands up, the amount is limited nhé!

Why Solgar® is positioned as a premium brand? Let's explore Solgar®'s difference here:
• The brand name is more than 70 years old, manufactured in the United States
• Available in more than 60 countries around the world
• Best selling product in Europe and Korea
• Manufactured according to the GOLD standard in the US, SOLGAR® certified, more stringent than the FDA standard:
o Kosher certified products - The certificate of clean food from the Jewish people, the highest certified in cleanliness and safety.
o Halal Certification - Food certification by the US Food and Nutrition Council (IFANCA) - the most rigorous food inspection management organization.
o Natural herbal ingredients, carefully selected and controlled.
o Rigorous scientific research, modern production processes, limited production guidelines (small batches) help meet high standards of quality management.
o Contains no allergenic ingredients, gluten, sugar, salt.
The most modern reverse osmosis water filtration system - USP: 100% H2O guaranteed to be used in production.
Modern HEPA filtration system removes 99.9% of airborne dust.
o Amber glass bottles can be recycled: non-absorbent, non-porous, odorless. Protect 100% of product quality from light, temperature and humidity. This is the best type of glass bottle in the world market.

Details about the product below you:

  • Understanding and partnering with millions of women, Solgar® Skin, Nails & Hair is a comprehensive solution that helps keep your skin youthful, smooth and firm. to strong, healthy hair and healthy and pink nails.Just 2 tablets a day, it's easy to experience the "secret" test that is helping millions of women in more than 60 countries get better, better and better each day.
  • Solgar® Skin, Nails & Hair has been selected and recommended by SPECIALISTS EVERY DAY:
    • Methylsulfonylmethane sulfur natural compound (MSM) helps promote cell membrane permeability, enhances detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties, and helps skin, hair and nails stay healthy from the inside.
    • Especially contains Vitamin C and Copper: support skin health, nails, hair
    • Vitamin C, Silicon, L-Proline, L-Lysine HCL, Zinc and Copper: a formula that supports the body to produce collagen, the main component of the skin, hair and nails. This formula helps the COLLAGEN BODY:

 💠 Firm, elastic and moisturizing skin.
 💠 Increase hair growth, reduce hair loss, make hair thick.
 💠 Fast growing and strong nail.


You can purchase Solgar Vietnam products at:
1. Solgar Vietnam:
   - Website:
   - Phone: (+84) (28) 710 88 222 or 08 6822 5522 or 0966 972 717
   - Office: 4th Floor, Resco Building, 94 96 Nguyen Du, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist. Ho Chi Minh
2. Solgar Vietnam Partner Website:
   - Lazada:
   - Shopee:
   - Sendo:
   - Shop VNE:
   - Yes24:
3. Solgar Vietnam partner retailer:
- Annam Gourmet
- Century Healthcare
- Kudos Pharmacy
- MWELL Pharmacy Health Beauty
- Zhongshan

Or you can call hotline 0868.22.55.22 / 0966.972.717 for advice and home delivery.
Choose Solgar® Skin, Nails & Hair as a companion to FRESH, FRESH and REFRESH!

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