Selective raw materials

Only the best ingredients can be used by Solgar. All materials coming into Solgar facility are subject to stringent tests to ensure they are the highest quality; any that don’t meet our standards are rejected and sent back to our suppliers. Solgar has its own on-site Quality Laboratory that ensures that each product leaving our door meets our Gold Standard for excellence.

Researched, Science-Based Products

Solgar is known globally for producing innovative, science-based, efficacious products. All Solgar products have been thoroughly researched by our R&D department to ensure their quality. We have a team of experts dedicated exclusively to research.


Quality control under The Solgar Gold StandardTM

Stricter than the FDA regulation, Solgar’s Gold StandardTM is the brand’s unique quality control to guarantee the satisfaction of the consumers. Every stage of manufacturing, from raw material to finished product is all under Solgar system of quality control. All products from Solgar facility must get “Gold Standard”.

Globally Recognized

Solgar now is distributed more than 50 different countries over the world, with affiliate offices in the U.K, Spain, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Recyclable High Quality Amber Glass Bottles

Solgar bottles with amber glass will totally protect vitamin from heat, light and moisture, ensure the quality of products. In addition, they also are odorless and 100% recyclable.

Gluten Free

Most Solgar products are gluten free.

Halal Certified

Solgar chose the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA), an organization that adheres to the strictest laws of Halal, to certify some of our products.

Aqueous Coated Tablets

To providing better absorption of the nutrients, Solgar coated tablet products is water-based coating. And Solgar was one of the first in the Natural Products Industry using it.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Solgar manufacturing both design and function are completely up-to-date. Our machinery, procedures quality control and environmentalism are all complied with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and pharmaceutical standards. Solgar also have our own quality control laboratory and distribution facilities, so we can guarantee products quality throughout the entire process.

USP Water Purification System

Solgar invested over $1 million in a state-of-the-art USP reverse osmosis water purification system – widely considered the finest type of filtration available. This isn’t required by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), but the Solgar Gold StandardTM requires that we have the best system possible.

HEPA Air Filtration System

Air that circulates through the Solgar facility passes through a bank of HEPA filers that remove 99.9% of airborne particulates. Both air and water samples are routinely tested in Solgar’s in-house laboratory.


Solgar uses food-grade cleaners to sanitize our equipment between batches. We disassemble and clean all of our machinery after each formula change. In some cases, the equipment is broken down into hundreds of parts and may take up eight hours to clean and reassemble. Walls, floors, and other surfaces are also cleaned before a manufacturing suite is used for another formula.

Kosher Certified

Solgar selected KOF-K Kosher Supervision, an international organization that follows the strictest laws of the kosher observance, to certify some of our products.


Solgar quality control


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