[ORDER] How can I order?

Post By Công ty TNHH Sorbus Việt Nam in 05/09/2018
[ORDER] How can I order?

You can order online at solgarvietnam.com.vn through the following steps:

1. Search for products

You can find products in 3 ways:

   - Type the product name into the search bar
   - Search by category in the "Products" menu.
   - Search for best sellers at "Best Sellers"

2. Add product to cart

Once you have found the desired product, please click on the image or product name to go to the product details page, then:

   - Check product information, prices, promotions
   - Select the desired quantity by clicking and changing in the quantity box
   - Add products to your shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" icon.
   - To place different products in the same order, please follow these steps:

     Choose "Continue shopping" or click on the Solgar logo to return to the home page

     + Add product to your shopping cart as in Step 3

* This process can be repeated until you have finished selecting all the desired products

3. Check your cart and place an order

After you have completed your purchase, please:

   - Click the "Shopping Cart" or "Buy Now" icon to check the product and order quantity in the cart

   - Click "Make Payment" to process your order

4. Provide purchase information

   - Fill in shipping information
   - Choose a form of payment
   - Enter the discount code, if applicable
   - Check the product and click "Order"

5. Track orders

Solgar Vietnam will send you an order number and email the expected delivery time. You can also check the status of your order by visiting "My Account".

Alternatively, you can contact Solgar Vietnam directly by phone (+84) (28) 710 88 222 or Hotline 08 6822 5522.
Solgar Vietnam will advise you on details of products, payment methods and forms of delivery.

Or you can go to Solgar Vietnam office to see and buy.
Solgar Vietnam Office: 4th Floor, Resco Building, 94 - 96 Nguyen Du St., Ben Nghe Ward, Dist. Ho Chi Minh.


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