Solgar: State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

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Solgar: State-of-the-Art Manufacturing


Solgar’s manufacturing facility meets the highest standard for machinery, procedures, and quality control. This enables us to provide our custom- ers with the highest quality products available.


UPS Water Purification

Solgar invested more than $1 million in a state-of-the-art USP reverse osmosis water purification system — widely considered the finest type of filtration available. This isn’t required by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), but the Solgar Gold Standard™ requires we have the best system possible.


HERA air purification

Air that circulates through our facility passes through a bank of HEPA filters that remove 99.9 percent of airborne particulates. Both air and water samples are routinely tested in Solgar’s in-house laboratory.


Individual blending, tableting, and capsulation suites

Solgar produces each formula in a separate suite throughout the manufacturing process to prevent cross-contamination and ensure product integrity.



Solgar uses food-grade cleaners to sanitize our equipment between batches. We disassemble and clean all of our machinery after each formula change. In some cases, the equipment is broken down into hundreds of parts and may take up to eight hours to clean and reassemble. Walls, floors, and other surfaces are also cleaned before a manufacturing suite is used for another formula.

Imagine disassembling and cleaning every piece of your refrigerator, toaster, stove, microwave, and dishwasher between breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a mid- night snack!

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