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Severe pain "nine months ten days", all mother expect her baby to be born healthy. Therefore, during pregnancy, iron supplementation to prevent anemia and provide nutrients for baby is paramount importance to the mother.

What is Iron?

Iron is a mineral that makes up the blood (red blood cell) that transports oxygen in the cell.

Why pregnant women need to get enough iron?

Iron is an important nutrient that provides the blood needed for the growth and development of the newborn.

"Pregnant women must take iron supplements," but not all of them know the three main reasons why the body needs iron during pregnancy.

First, iron helps prevent complications when the mother is pregnant.

Iron deficiency can easily lead to complications such as premature birth, low birth weight babies, iron deficiency anemia, poor intelligence, and even death in infants.

In pregnant women, iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which can lead to symptoms such as a white face, nail changes to white or fatigue.

Second, iron produces hemoglobin.

In minerals given to mothers, iron plays an important role as it is essential for the production of hemoglobin, the red color of red blood cells, which transports oxygen and CO2 during respiration.

Third, the need for iron is increasing in pregnancy.

In pregnancy, the mother's body produces more than 50% of the blood compared to normal, so iron supplementation is essential. In addition, as your baby grows, the need for iron is increased (especially in the middle and late pregnancy).

How many mg iron pregnant need per day?

During pregnancy, mothers are advised to add 24 mg of iron daily, more than the normal level of 10 mg, to provide enough oxygen and nutrients for the baby as well as the mother. Therefore, iron supplementation during pregnancy is extremely important.

However, if you intend to supplement iron through the daily menu, it will be difficult. Iron is a type of nutrient that is hard to absorb. The rate of iron absorbed from food varies greatly, depending on factors such as the iron supply, the body's iron stores, the lack of protein in the body, and so on. In pregnancy, the mother may picky, "sick morning," feeling nausea that interferes with eating or the menu is not iron enough.

So what is the solution?

Iron Supplement Foods: Solgar® Iron Gentle Iron® daily

While eating will be more difficult, moms should try iron supplement with iron-rich foods such as beef, liver, egg yolks, spinach, soybeans, pumpkins, spinach. , grains, bananas, grapes, sugarcane, ...

In addition, mother will be more secure because the body will be added 25mg iron with only one Solgar® Iron Gentle Iron® capsules! With outstanding advantages:

• From the name "gentle", the Gentle Iron formulation from Solgar (the only patented formula in the market) strongly confirms the superior absorption rate, does not cause constipation and diarrhea as common as other types of iron.

• Kosher certified products - Certificate of clean and safe food of the Jewish.

• This is a high-end American brand, proven over 70 years in over 60 countries.


In particular, you will want to buy Solgar soon when you know:

• Solgar® Gentle Iron® contains a total of 25mg of unmagnetic iron - providing the exact amount of iron your body needs to help boost red blood cells and improve blood flow.

• Solgar is also the world's first manufacturer of capsules, making Solgar Gentle Iron capsules longer lasting longer. Pregnant are easier to use because the capsules do not cause nausea like normal tablets.

• Solgar Gentle Iron is the No. 1 selling brand in Korea & Europe.

• Amber glass bottle protects 100% of product quality.

So, do not hesitate to order Solgar Gentle Iron at:

Solgar® Gentle Iron® 25mg - Necessary nutrients for the mother in pregnancy

90 capsules

Ingredients: Each capsule contains 25 mg of Iron


- Iron supplementation for the body

- Supports red blood cells, good for blood

Target users: Pregnant and adults over age 19 who need to supplement Iron

How to use: Drink immediately after meals. Adults take 1 tablet once a day

Made in: USA

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